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4 Common Small Business Mistakes in Youtube Advertising

Here’s the common mistakes on Youtube ads that most small businesses do. Learn how not to make these mistakes by doing 4 suggestions.

Cemre Pınar Turna5 Min read

Before diving into mistakes and suggestions about video marketing on Youtube, it is better to give some important stats to show how valuable Youtube marketing is for Shopify entrepreneurs or other small businesses. Youtube is the largest search engine after Google. People watch over a billion hours of video each day on Youtube. The popularity has made Youtube a powerful social media.

According to Alexa, Youtube is the second most visited website in the world. Plus, research shows that 4.5 billion people are actively using social media and Youtube has 2.29 billion users, approximately more than 60% of active social media users in the world. If you want to sell anywhere in the world, the possibility that you can find your target customer on Youtube is much higher than most of other social channels.

As a small business, you might think being visible on Youtube is difficult among other bigger businesses that have much more customer base than your business. However, Youtube is still an efficient channel when we think of Youtube’s effect on people’s decision of buying products. 70% of visitors on Youtube say that this platform makes them more aware of new brands and Youtube visitors are 2x more likely to buy something they saw on Youtube.

The last but not least key statistic on Youtube is that small businesses have doubled the number of advertisements on Youtube in 2021. Also, total spend on Youtube advertising has a 46% growth rate in 2021. This shows that your competitors are increasing their space on Youtube to attract more people’s attention.

As you see, there are tremendous opportunities waiting for your brand on Youtube. However, to take advantage of these opportunities and increase your brand visibility, creating and managing your Youtube ad campaigns are the key things to reach success. Next, we will go over the list of suggestions to prevent you from making common mistakes in the process of advertising on Youtube.

  • Being an Inconsistent brand
    Due to the lack of objectives - KPI in your ad campaign, your Youtube channel might seem disconnected from your brand, logo and your store. Your strategy on Youtube commercial ads should be clear and it should be a natural part of your brand identity. On the content site, each of the core elements for your branding elements such as logo, brand color palette should easily be recognized by your target audience. If you don’t forget that the average person can not remember all the elements in your promotional video, you can focus on the key parts of your video ads and shape your brand identity in a clear way. At that point, it is highly recommended trying to make your Youtube channel look like your Shopify store. Choose colors, components and thumbnails in your Youtube channel similar to the ones in your Shopify theme.  Keep in mind that brands exist only in customer's minds. You don’t want to have an inconsistent brand and of course you don’t want to create any confusion in your potential customer’s mind by being inconsistent. Long story short, your mission should be to make your potential customers get the consistent idea of your brand image with what you want to create your brand’s vision on.
  • Not being Insistent - giving up too early
    Especially in Youtube marketing, success doesn’t happen on the spur of the moment. It needs strategy, patience and persistence to focus on long term goals. Thus, you can not spend all your money today and see the results tomorrow. You need to be patient enough to get great results in the long run. Bear in mind that great results come with great patience. Don’t be down if you have bad results in a short period of time. If your brand is new or your brand appearance has just started on Youtube, just set your long term goals and get action focusing on those goals. Sustainability is the key strategic achievement that you need to aim for your brand image. It is good to get benefits from the hype or hot topics in Youtube, however, you should not over-invest your budget on those topics, you need to invest your budget into actions that are beneficial to your brand vision. So many brands get illusioned with hot topics and invest much of their budget into them, but, after getting good results in a short time interval, they get stuck by only following hype on social media. I highly recommend being a patient and not giving up in the process of achieving your long term goal. In short, design your Youtube marketing strategy according to your brand vision and chase it like hell!
  • Wrong Youtube Ad Type Choice
    There are several Youtube ads formats, you need to choose one to start your Youtube video ad campaign (you can see the details of each format in our upcoming blog post). If you don’t choose the format that fits your campaign KPIs, you will probably waste your budget and effort on that campaign. If you believe you have created great content, but it doesn’t work as expected, you can try to change your ad format and maybe you can find better performance with that great content.
  • Lack of investment in creating great content
    As mentioned earlier, your potential customers can not remember all the scenes your promotional video has. That’s why you need to give your highest focus in creating your content. You should ask these following questions yourself:

Are my videos, images high quality creatives?

You need to be sure that your creatives are easy to recognize, I mean you don’t want to present any shady, blurry creatives, right?

Is the design of my commercial video enough to get attention?

According to Pam&Moore, people will only recognize your brand with 5-7 impressions on average when they watch your marketing videos. You don’t want people to leave your video without having 5-7 impressions by just choosing a wrong color or having a bad design.

Do I have CTA(call to action) in my promotional video to make people take action on buying my products?

CTA is your last chance to convince your potential customers to buy your product. People already got used to CTAs and without any CTA in your commercial video, your Youtube video campaign will have dead-end. Also, CTA is a guide for your Shopify store’s potential customers in the direction of your ultimate goal in your Youtube ad campaign such as taking the viewer to your Shopify website.

CTA Buttons in Flickadoo

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