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How To Improve My Ranking on Youtube?

Higher ranking on YouTube gives you clicks from all over the world. Learn the strategies and catch them all!

Hakan İşler Min read

Video marketing is the hottest trend in the digital world right now. YouTube alone has more than a billion users who consume a sum of 150 million hours of content on the platform, every single day. This is an astronomical number when you consider the fact that we are talking about just one platform. It’s clear that Youtube ads are the most popular form of online advertising.

Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine.

Customers conduct a detailed online search before making any purchasing decision. Therefore, in order to gain an edge from video marketing, it is quite imperative to optimize these videos for search engines. Video SEO is used to increase brand visibility and improve search engine ranking on the results page. Let’s start with quick tips.

  • Video SEO Keyword Search

Keywords for optimizing video content are completely different from text-based blog posts. There are two reasons for this:

1- Most of the views will be from YouTube recommending the video to YouTube users. Optimizing videos for Google search and YouTube is mandatory.

2- YouTube and Google are used in completely different ways. A video on Google can get 100,000 views in a month, but the same video can only be viewed 50 times on YouTube.

Vimeo and YouTube are two famous video publishing sites that get higher clickthrough rates than text-based blog content. Keywords are the main factors responsible for search results on search engines like YouTube and Google. To increase the ranking of your videos on the search engine result pages of YouTube, optimization is a must. Try to add relevant and business-specific keywords in your video title and description. Leverage a keyword research tool to find the right keywords. 

  • Create a Video Sitemap

Video sitemaps provide search engines with metadata about the video content on a site. You can use the sitemap to train search engines on class, title, description, length, and target collection for each video you place on your site.

  • Create Quality Videos

To rank high on YouTube, you need to create original and quality videos. Authentic and quality videos depend on some factors such as:

Watch time: Essentially, watch time is the percentage of your video that is watched by any given viewer.

Audience retention: Audience Retention is the average percentage of a YouTube video that people watch. 

  • Create A Schedule

In the schedule, create a plan of when you want to post the video content on the YouTube platform. Sharing videos regularly allows you to rank higher than people who share the same content as you.

  • Influencer Marketing

YouTube influencers — called “creators” — are growing every year. Almost half of all brands who plan to use influencer marketing will use YouTube. After your channel has progressed a little, you can announce your brand to a wider audience by collaborating with ınfluencers. Most brands send and promote their products to ınfluencers. It should be known that there is no such thing as every ınfluencer can represent every product or brand. In other words, phenomenon should be compatible with the brand.

  • Respond to Comments

YouTube is a social network, right? So act like it. Responding to viewer comments shows you’re there to build a community, not to push out self-promotional content.

  • Analyze Your Competitors

Take a close look at the YouTube brand channels of your competitors in the industry. You determine your tactics according to the situation of other brands.

  • Try YouTube Advertising

Most YouTube ads are videos but you can also place banner ads, either in videos or on the website. You can also make your video ads either skippable after 5 seconds, or unskippable.  As a Google company, YouTube ads operate through the Google Ads platform. Running successful ads requires a strategy of its own, which we detail in our guide.


Long story short, Youtube videos help you reach a global audience and build trust with customers. They are memorable and can help increase your sales. Start making youtube videos now and don’t forget to SEO to increase your ranking.

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