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Video Marketing for Online Stores

Video marketing offers numerous benefits for increasing visitors and getting your business in front of more potential customers. But how?

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Sharing video content is a very successful method of attracting people's attention. Video marketing appeals to people's visual memory more and provides retention. Considering that a photo is worth thousands of words, we need to understand how important our video content is to us. 

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Things to Consider in Video Marketing Strategy

First Impression and Message
In your video advertisement work, you need to connect the user with your attraction for up to the first 5 seconds. You need to deliver the message to the user as soon as possible, either in open or subconscious ways, because we know that users are not guaranteed to watch the continuation of the video, so do not be late to give the message. Openly giving the message may cause you to be forgotten after a while, but this is not a bad strategy, in terms of cost, you may have to spend more than necessary to be in front of people all the time. If the messages in the video content you will give subconsciously, you can ensure the continuity of the video by making the user think about your brand or by making the user think during the video. The biggest gain of subliminal messages will be to leave a mark by creating a great echo in people's minds. When people research the subject, the first thoughts that will come to their minds will be the subliminal messages you give in the advertisement.

Platform Analysis
You should make sure that you choose the right platform where you will share your video content. You should know the age, gender, interests and similar topics that the video content addresses, and you should choose the platform you apply to according to the degree of compliance with these criteria.

Text Rate
Remember that people avoid normal posts because of the excess of text content, try to give your message in visuals, not text. We conduct research and analyze feedback from our community to understand how different features of an ad affect its performance. We found that images with less than 20% text perform better.

Creating Brand Awareness
Your video content should contain plenty of terms and information about your brand. Thus, you create your brand identity in the minds of users.

4 Reason to Use Video in Your Marketing

  • Message Transmission
    The subject to be emphasized and the message to be conveyed can be delivered to the user much more easily through video content.
  • Privilege
    There is an important privilege you should feel since you joined the world of video content creation. Get ahead of your competitors who are lagging, ignorant of the agenda and whose advertising strategies have become garbage.
  • Customer Satisfaction
    Many of the users who contact the company through social media state that they create interaction thanks to the video content. So for us, it means that with the interaction we create with our video content, buyer and seller trust is established and our customers provide loyalty to us.
  • Search Engine Impact
    Sharing your video content on major video content-based social media platforms like YouTube will have a huge impact. Together with the interaction we create with our video content, our SEO score will greatly affect the comments, likes, posts, and viewing rates we receive, your posts will have the chance to appeal to much larger audiences.

Product Videos

Product videos are important for marketing strategy as they allow the audience to see the working principles of your product. For B2B brands, this can help transform a distinctive product or service into something interesting. For B2C companies, product videos provide a deeper look into how something is done, increasing brand trust and prestige.  

Elements Of A Great Product Video

  • Focus on the problem: Purple

Purple is known for its direct off-the-shelf video marketing strategies. The product video, in this box mattress retailer, doesn't differ much from the memorable brand narratives. Purple offers viewers a more detailed approach to how their product works, with personal interviews from product leaders. The narrative is supported by the science behind Purple's approach, which allows an authority to form. It also helps the company's overall mission.

  • Keep it short
    Preparing a video for the product is a job in itself. You can prepare these videos on your own, or you can agree with agencies or freelancers and ask them to prepare videos for you. While preparing these videos, one of the factors to be considered is that the video is short. When these videos, which are especially focused on product promotion and will be used for advertising purposes, are long, their viewing rates may decrease. In addition, users will not want to sit and watch these advertising videos for a long time. Preparing your promotional videos between 30 seconds and 1 minute will increase the recycling of these videos.
  • Show the usage areas of the product
    In the video preparation process, don't just show the product in front of a background. Take care to create content that will explain the usage areas of the product, how it solves the problems of the consumers and what benefits the product will provide to the consumers. Take care to draw an image of the product in the eyes of consumers by using images of the product from different angles, as well as close-up and distant shots. Showing the usage areas will also help you increase the interest and demand for the product.
  • Decide on your brand language
    The language you will use in your videos is also very important. Using a language for the target audience you want to reach will affect the viewing and conversion rates of the videos. If you are reaching a young audience, you should not use corporate and serious language. Using a language that is close to their daily conversations and will attract their attention will also increase their interest in your videos.
  • Your videos should also be understood in silent mode
    Especially when sharing videos on social networks, users can view these videos with the sound off. Therefore, to increase the viewership of your videos, it is important to be able to understand the content of your videos even in silent mode. To achieve this, you can add subtitles to your videos, support important sections and information with in-video texts, and make the video understandable in silent mode.
  • Display your products in the best way
    In the video preparation stage, some of the important issues are how to shoot your products from which angles and in which environment you will show your products. Since you will spend both time and money on these videos, your videos need to provide this recycling. The set you install, the usage area of ​​the product and the light of the environment will affect how the product will appear. To create an interest in the product and increase the demand, you need to present the product to the consumers in the most elegant way. Display your products in the best wayIn the video preparation stage, some of the important issues are how you will shoot your products and in which environment you will show your products. Since you will spend both time and money on these videos, your videos need to provide this recycling. The set you set up, The usage area of ​​the product and the light of the environment will affect how the product will appear. To create an interest in the product and increase the demand, you need to present the product to the consumers in the most elegant way.

Where You Can Use Your Product Videos

Product videos can be used in advertising, across social media channels, on your product pages, and linked to emails. They’re an opportunity to grab the attention of potential buyers and give them another reason to trust and choose your product over others.


The first creative content idea that e-commerce companies can use while preparing Facebook video content is product promotion videos. Because most the people who follow e-commerce brands can get information about the products more easily by watching the videos shared by the companies.
Consumers can quickly make a purchase decision when purchasing the products of brands that promote products with videos. For this reason, product promotion videos are among the indispensable video content for businesses that will share videos on Facebook.


Instagram videos for brands have become the most important element of marketing strategies on social media platforms. Because social media, which is the most important channel when it comes to real-time marketing, is very effective in reaching the target audience with the special opportunities it provides.
In the first period, Instagram was an environment based only on photo sharing. However, it later became an extremely popular platform. The arrival of features such as videos and stories has made Instagram a much more advanced platform. For this reason, brands can also be in constant communication with consumers and customers by using Instagram.

E-Mail Marketing

It is one of the logical ways of the e-mail market to make the e-mails you send to my customers more interesting.

Shopify Store

Good news starts here! We know that Shopify store owners don't have enough time and resources to shoot long ads like Purple. That’s why we automatically turns your product photos into branded marketing videos from your store's real-time data. You can share these videos both on your social media and on your Shopify store - both in the media section and in the detailed description section - with one click. You don't need to spend a lot of resources to get the attention of your potential customers. You can also benefit from the power of video without any effort.



Preparing videos for product promotions will help you get more feedback thanks to the content you make. Video content is frequently preferred by brands as it provides recycling in both interaction and product promotions. In the process of preparing the video, it is necessary to pay attention to the details about the preparation of the video, as well as the details about the product.

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